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Fr. Andrew O'Connor



Fr. Andrew More O’Connor is a Roman Catholic Diocesan priest ordained by the Archdiocese of New York in 1996 and is currently the pastor at Saint Mary Grand on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Previously, he served at the Church of the Holy Family on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx and at Holy Trinity parish on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In addition to his service of the Archdiocese, he is a visual artist and feels that church and art must go together like subject and verb, more so now because the paradigms of the sacred shift along with our lives.

He founded a non-profit organization, SacredArtHeals, in 2000, in order to collaborate with artists. His projects have been tried and tested in Catholic parishes from Paris, France, to Pascagoula, Mississippi, and are meant to be copied.  In 2004, Fr. Andrew founded Goods of Conscience, as a means of artistic expression and parish community (read more here).

Fr. Andrew is the fifth of nine children from New Haven, Connecticut, though his family relocated from the Midwest in the early 1970’s. Fr. Andrew attended St. Joseph’s Seminary, Dunwoodie in Yonkers, NY.  He commenced a Master of Arts degree in Irish literature from The School of Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland completed along with a  study of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Dallas in Irvine, Texas. In addition to his native English, Fr. Andrew speaks 3 languages fluently: French, Italian, Spanish and has a working knowledge of German and Irish.

Catherine Huber




Catherine Huber leads the daily operations at Goods of Conscience and Ora et Labora. Her passions for sustainability, efficiency and hospitality find an unlikely home at Goods of Conscience where she focuses on streamlining daily operations and cultivating customer and community relationships. She strives to improve Goods of Conscience's environmental initiatives and aims to bring supply chain transparency to the company.

Catherine holds a B.S. in Environmental Biology from Georgetown University, as well as a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris.

Tamie Le



Tamie Le is the go-to person for digital marketing operations.  She optimally identifies the DNA and entity of Goods of Conscience, to boost the company’s awareness.
Her unique perspective as an Asian-American female millennial contributes to the aesthetics of the brand in the showroom and online, without completely losing Goods of Conscience’s identity.  Tamie also helps direct projects and interns, like with the recent showroom opening.  Tamie strives to narrate Goods of Conscience’s unique story and to spread awareness about a sustainable lifestyle.

Tamie is currently a full-time student at Brooklyn College obtaining a Business Administration Degree.