Goods of Conscience
Mend the Social Fabric™

Who We Are





Goods of Conscience is a nonprofit company focused on mending the Social Fabric™ through sustainable practices. To maintain our philosophy of sustainability, we do not come out with clothing lines every season, and we use organic cotton from Guatemala for our fabrics.

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We are not an e-commerce business anymore because we want to create more dialogue and transparency about our process. Please make an appointment to come visit us here. Experience our Social Fabric™ and order your personal made-to-measure garment.


Our Process


Organic cotton is picked in the Las Naranagas fields of Guatemala by Algodones Mayas

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Retroglo thread is made from glass beads and prepared for weaving to prevent counterfeit fabric

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The fabric is woven on a loom in keeping with the indigenous tradition weavers receive a fair wage so that they can support their family


The Museo Ixchel, a textile museum in Guatemala, exports the fabric to the United States through their Textiles ProTeje initiative

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Garment are designed and sewn on the Lower East Side by Fr. drew O’Connor and his team